Tech Elevator Graduates Deliver Critical Skills for FAST Enterprises

FAST Enterprises seeks employees who have a skillset balanced with both technical and interpersonal qualities. To increase access to qualified candidates, FAST partnered with Tech Elevator.

  • FAST Enterprises and Tech Elevator have an ongoing, 4-year partnership.
  • To date, FAST Enterprises has hired 30 Tech Elevator graduates.

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“We tried a lot of different bootcamps, but the structure of Tech Elevator fits cohesively within our schedule and gave us the ability to promote FAST during showcases. The flow of everything was really nice. It just made sense and was consistent for us... 

When solving a problem, there’s not just one way to solve it. There are a lot of different perspectives to consider, and it can be good to have the perspective of someone who used to be a teacher, or a musician, or someone who worked on the communications side of projects in the past. These are the people we want coming in and collaborating on our services for our clients.”

Bobby Gallenstein,
FAST Recruitment

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