Tech Elevator offers a portfolio of in-person, in depth courses designed to support a company's most driven employees and their professional development.

Tech Elevator’s Employee Elevation program provides both tech upskilling and job reskilling options.  Our programs give options to acquire new tech skills one at a time OR transform high potential, non-technical employees into valuable tech workers for a company.




Your best employees are seeking opportunities for growth. Invest in their skills to benefit your business while building loyalty to your organization.



An engaged and contributing employee is a happy employee; a happy employee is the best kind of employee for interacting with your customers.



Investing in internal talent trumps acquiring external talent. The cost of acquiring, onboarding and training new talent always exceeds the cost of investing in your existing employees.


Tech Elevator has become a trusted partner for companies seeking to elevate the careers of their most promising employees. We collaborate with our partners to identify high potential individuals currently in non-technical roles who possess the ability to acquire tech skills and we transform them into junior software developers ready to add immediate value on a tech team. 

Your best future employees are your current employees reinvented.
— Anthony Hughes, CEO Tech Elevator

Why Recruit Within?

  1. Invest in your best, most driven employees, or risk losing them

  2. Leverage existing institutional and functional knowledge of your employees

  3. Drive employee retention and loyalty by offering paths for advancement

Our Proven Process


Validated aptitude testing to determine which of your employees have the natural ability to acquire software development skills


Behavioral interviewing process to identify necessary personality traits for optimal success in the program and in a tech role within your company


Immersive, practitioner-led tech training in C#/.NET or Java languages, producing code-ready Full Stack junior software developers


Soft skills coaching and mentoring designed to ready graduates to succeed on your tech team


Tech Elevator is a training partner for The JPMC Coding Academy, an exciting, new 2018 program that is being introduced globally to help non-coding technology employees at JPMorgan Chase transition their careers into software engineering roles.


"The experience at Tech Elevator was great. The program is very intense, which is why it’s so effective. I wasn’t sure, at first, how much we could really learn in just a few months, but the program exceeded my expectations for sure. I have full confidence now in my ability to contribute to any development team in a junior role. I was looking for something to help me get started in following my passion for development and Tech Elevator definitely gave me all the tools I need to be able to do so. It was a great experience."

- Chris, participant in Chase’s job reskilling program

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Tech Elevator’s in-person, expert-led tech training courses offer both the learning environment and hands-on instruction needed to focus on quickly mastering a new skill. 

If you have someone with the right attitude and desire to learn and contribute, making an investment in them is just smart business all around.
- Mike Epp, FormFire


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Training Guide for Employees

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