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AutoZone partnered with Tech Elevator to give 15 AutoZoners the opportunity to transform their careers through the industry-leading coding bootcamp. 

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The admissions process:
What you can expect

No coding required. Test your aptitude to become a software developer.

Fill out an application and tell us about you, and why you want to work in technology.

Again, no coding required, just a deeper dive into your problem solving skills

Our selection team will meet to determine which applicants are the strongest and will invite you to participate.

Launch your career in tech with the AutoZone Tech program.

AutoZone leadership is looking for motivated AutoZoners who are passionate about learning and seeking the next step in their career. Fifteen individuals will be selected to attend Tech Elevator’s 14-week, full-time coding bootcamp (tuition-free)—starting on March 20, 2022. Post-graduation, AutoZoners will have the opportunity to transition onto AutoZone’s tech team. Relocation assistance will be provided.


Program Perks

In addition to tuition coverage, AutoZone will continue to compensate program participants at their usual hourly pay. Graduates will be reassigned into new technical positions, working for AutoZone headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. Relocation assistance will be provided. AutoZoners placed into new roles will recieve the following benefits:

  • Starting salary of $70,000
  • Medical Plans
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Stock Purchase Plan
This one's on us!
If you are selected for the AutoZone Tech Program, the entire coding bootcamp is 100% covered. You’ll be paid your regular wages to attend and we’ll even provide you with the proper laptops and software.
To apply, you must be located in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas or Memphis locations. Terrell and Lexington distribution center employees are also eligible. Candidates must be in good standing and have been employed at AutoZone for at least two years.
“Technology skills are needed everywhere and we’re thrilled to partner with AutoZone to bring to life the AutoZone Tech program. The skills students will learn in this program will future-proof their careers, making them invaluable assets to AutoZone.”
- Anthony Hughes,
CEO and Co-founder of Tech Elevator
"AutoZone has always looked to elevate great talent from within to help impact the broader company. We couldn't be more excited to partner with Tech Elevator to bring AutoZoners from our stores onto our tech teams by investing in their skills." 
- Michelle Borninkhof,
AutoZone, Chief Information Officer

Our online, balanced
curriculum works.

Securing a career in tech takes tech skills and career skills. We think that's obvious, but our winning approach is unlike any other. Tech Elevator helps with both; our 360 degree approach has produced the best outcomes in the industry.

Gain the tech skills AutoZone is looking for now.

Our industry-aligned curriculum is full-stack, and it evolves with the needs of the tech market today. The result?

Students in every cohort enter the job market with the most up-to-date skills, honed by hands-on project work.

Establish foundational programming skills with Java. You'll develop an application that models real-world problems by the end of this module.

You'll write conditional code that can help make decisions, use collections to organize data sets, and leverage object-oriented programming principles for code modularity.

A Powerful Learning Community

With Tech Elevator and The AutoZone Tech Program, you don’t go it alone. Our team members from instructors to coaches to subject matter experts are here to help you succeed.


All your instructors are software development experts with deep industry experience. They personally monitor student progress and follow up proactively, including for one-on-one tutoring.

Academic Fellows

You’ll receive daily support and one-on-one guidance from this recent Tech Elevator graduate, someone who's completed our program, knows what it's like to be in your shoes and can help you move forward.

AutoZone Mentors and Career Support

Throughout the bootcamp, we’ll work together preparing you for your career transformation – we’ll help get you familiar with the career path you are about to embark on - with panels discussion and presentations from leaders in talent and tech and sessions designed to support your professional transformation.

Maybe Just A Few More Questions

Your coding questions answered.

  • How long will the program be?

    The program will span 14 weeks, starting on March 20, 2023 and concluding on June 23, 2023.
  • Will I still work in my current job?

    No, since the program is full-time, you will need to step away from your current role to focus on becoming a Software Developer for AutoZone.

  • What do I need to become a student—when it comes to both background and equipment?

    The coding bootcamp (Java) requires 0 prior coding experience! We do, however, select candidates based on problem-solving ability using our Aptitude Test. Related to equipment, Tech Elevator will provide a laptop for you to use throughout the bootcamp.

  • Does it matter where I’m located?

    This program is available for AutoZoners in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas and Memphis markets. Employees at the Terrell and Lexington distribution centers are also eligible to apply. Instruction will be given virtually, however, AutoZoners will learn alongside their peers at their nearest regional office location.

    There will be an in-person portion in Memphis during the final week of the bootcamp (week 14)—during which students will present their Capstone Presentations and attend an in-person graduation ceremony.

  • What happens after the bootcamp?

    Upon graduation, you will become a member of AutoZone’s IT team—either as a Software Developer, Analyst, etc.