TechCred Program

Employers registered in the state of Ohio can use the TechCred program to cover Tech Elevator’s tuition for our either our full time or part time Java programs for their employees who reside in Ohio.

What to expect 

Microcredentials offered to your employee

  • Programing Basics
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Unit Testing & Exception Handling
  • SQL & Relational Database Management
  • Database Integration
  • Client-Server Architecture & RESTful APIs
  • Web Design & Responsive Layouts with HTML/CSS
  • Programming with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript
  • Single-Page Application Development with Vue.js

All 9 microcredentials must be taken together and in a predefined sequence as part of a single Tech Elevator Bootcamp cohort. Microcredentials may not be taken individually, out of order, at disparate times across multiple Bootcamp cohorts.


To find out if your organization is eligible, review the TechCred program guidelines and apply for a TechCred grant today.


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