Building Modern Maintainable Javascript

Building Modern Maintainable Javascript


This course will give developers an understanding and working knowledge of modern component-based JavaScript development. Students will get a working knowledge of component-based architecture for front-end applications and hands-on experience building and testing maintainable JavaScript components using the Vue.js framework. Students will also learn progressive adoption of JavaScript components and how to integrate components into existing client-server applications.

In this lab heavy class, developers will get hands-on experience building components, integrating components together, calling APIs to bring data into components, writing unit and E2E tests for components, and deploying components to test and production environments.

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This course is intended for software developers with some web application development experience.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and explain the benefits of a component-based architecture for front-end JavaScript applications

  • Use Vue.js to build front-end applications using component-based JavaScript

  • Convert existing front-end code to the component-based model using a progressive adoption approach

  • Test and deploy component-based JavaScript applications

Course Topics

  • Understanding Component-based Architecture

  • Building Your First Component

  • Data Binding and Event Handling

  • Testing Components

  • Cross Component Communication

  • Calling APIs using Promises

  • Transpiling ES6 to ES5 for Cross-Browser Support

  • Deploying to a Production System


  • Working knowledge of JavaScript

  • HTML and CSS experience