Building Modern Javascript Web Applications using Angular

Building Modern Javascript Web Applications using Angular


This course will teach participants the concepts and practical tools behind modern front-end development using the Angular Framework. This course is for experienced programmers who are new to TypeScript and Angular. You will learn how to create Angular Components, Services and Pipes and how to design your application to take advantage of Angular's front-end architecture. You will also learn Angular testing techniques so you can test your code while creating your application.

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This course is intended for software developers with some web application development experience.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Start a new Angular application project

  • Understand Angular architecture and where source files are located in an application

  • Create and test components, services and pipes

  • Composite components into a working application

  • Debug and troubleshoot errors in an Angular application

  • Perform E2E testing on an Angular application

Course Topics

  • Tools for Angular Development

  • Introduction to Typescript

  • Building Components in Angular

  • Building Angular Services and Pipes

  • Angular Architecture

  • Component Communication

  • Routing

  • HTTP Service

  • Error Handling

  • Authentication and Authorization

  • Component and Service Testing

  • E2E Testing

  • Designing Angular Applications


  • Knowledge of programming

  • HTML and CSS experience