Data Visualization & Dashboarding

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Data Visualization & Dashboarding


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This class is offered in partnership with Pandata.

[2 Days] This course will cover hands on basics of data visualization. On the first day, we will cover an introduction to Dashboarding, how, when, and why to use different visualizations, and how to best represent (and avoid misrepresenting) data. The second day will focus on constructing dashboards for a business audience. We will end the course with an in-depth experience around data visualization. Both days will feature hands-on case studies with real data. We will use Tableau, however skills are transferable to other Business Intelligence tools.

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  • Proficiency with Excel


This course is designed for analysts and managers who depend on data and want to learn more sophisticated approaches to analyze and communicate results.


2 Days (9a - 4:30p)

CLE: Thurs 11/15/18 - Fri 11/16/18

Tech Elevator, 7100 Euclid Ave.

CBUS: Mon 12/3/18 - Tues 12/4/18

Tech Elevator at Rev1 Ventures, 1275 Kinnear Rd.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Make compelling data visualizations that influence business decisions
  • Identify misleading or biased visuals
  • Design and build interactive and meaningful dashboards

Course Topics

  • Overview of data visualization
  • The psychology of data visualization
  • The ethics of data visualization – representing data without misrepresenting data
  • Selecting appropriate visuals given various datasets
  • Designing dashboards as a communication tool for business executives