Data Science [Level 1]

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Data Science [Level 1]


This class is offered in partnership with Pandata.

[2 Days] The ability to consistently derive value from data is becoming critical to organizations at all levels. This class dives into the data science process and tools from an organizational perspective. From structuring teams and workflows to recognizing where data sources and tools fit into a data strategy. This course will be case study-driven with a combination of hands-on exercises and workshops, to equip attendees with practical experience that translates directly to the workplace.

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  • Basic statistics and understanding of business processes


This course is designed for managers who work with data analysts, and data analysts looking to understand business applications in more depth.


2 Days (9a - 4:30p)

CLE: Mon 8/27/18 - Tues 8/28/18

Tech Elevator, 7100 Euclid Ave.

CBUS: Mon 9/10/18 - Tues 9/11/18

Tech Elevator at Rev1 Ventures, 1275 Kinnear Ave.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively frame business problems with the data science process
  • Understand and explain data-driven decision making, common team structures, and appropriate tools
  • Assess the feasibility and return on value of data-driven projects

Course Topics

  • The data science process
  • Agile data science
  • The modern data science team
  • Tools for data science and analytics
  • Developing organizational trust in data through governance
  • Dealing with data from various sources
  • The ethics of data analysis and privacy
  • Collaboration and reproducibility