Expert in your field? Passionate about helping others?

We work with our network to present relevant topics to bootcamp students as part of our Pathway Program or Learn to Code Meetup. 

Typical Formats

You’ll lead a 45-60 min session engaging students in various ways. If you have other format ideas, just let us know.

  • Presentation - slides and Q&A

  • Workshop - hands on learning and practice during session, can be combined with presentation

  • Discussion or panel - group talk, review and concepts

Technical Speakers

You’re a developer or have worked in the technical field for a number of years. You know how to write code, understand code concepts and are passionate about helping novices learn to code. 

Possible topics

  • Automated testing

  • Client-side frameworks

  • Data analytics

  • Technology trends

  • Large scale enterprise deployments

  • DevOps

  • PMP project management

  • Database design

  • Career paths for programmers

  • How to become an awesome developer

  • Collaboration with non-programmers

  • Introduction to the Agile approach

  • Technical interview prep and practice

  • Security and hacking

  • Cloud computing

  • Product architecture

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