Tech Elevator’s Pathway™ Program is our nationally-recognized career readiness process, supporting the job placement of our graduates. Our commitment to quality career development goes much further than equipping you with the valuable tech skills in the classroom. We help students build a path to a rewarding career by focusing on building soft skills important in today's workforce. 

Our career support starts on day one and provides valuable coaching throughout the entire program, and after you graduate. As a result, students build invaluable and transferable soft skills that they can use at any time in their career.  

Learn Valuable Soft Skills for Your New Career



Types of Pathway Sessions


  • Fireside chats and panel discussions with industry insiders

  • Resume and LinkedIn coaching sessions

  • Interview practice sessions

  • Networking opportunities at industry events

  • Behavioral interviewing to determine strengths and areas for improvement

  • Career presentations and workshops

  • Employer showcases 

  • Matchmaking events with hiring partners

  • Mentor coaching sessions

"I owe the two job offers I got before graduation to the Pathway Program and the team's willingness to go above and beyond to make sure I felt prepared for interviews."

 - Kaity, .NET Graduate

"The Pathway Program Tech Elevator provided me great insight into the field and prepared me amazingly well in finding a beginning to my new career."

- Jim, Java Graduate

"Within a week of graduation I was working full-time, with benefits, and can honestly say I have doubled my income from the previous year."

- Brad, .NET Graduate

"The technical aspect along with the touch up on my resume / LinkedIn presence from the pathway events set me up for success. Hearing industry leaders read my information and offer insight was invaluable.

- Kenny, Java Graduate