Katie Dwyer

Instructor, Cincinnati

Katie Dwyer.png


Prior to Tech Elevator I was...

a senior dev that dabbled in management.

The students at Tech Elevator...

are up for the challenge of starting a career in a field that’s always changing and growing.

The best part of my day is...

figuring out the root cause of an issue, whether it’s debugging code or helping someone understand a concept.

Katie started her programming career taking a class in high school in (*whispers*) Pascal. She started her college career as a Math major, but quickly fell in love with OOP while taking a required Java course. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor's in Computer Science, where she later returned to complete her Master’s. Since then, she's worked in a wide variety of industries and roles, including software dev, manager, mentor, instructor and agile evangelist, most recently having worked as an adjunct instructor at her alma mater, NKU.

Katie loves teaching and helping students have the 'lightbulb moment' when a difficult concept finally clicks for them, and is excited for her part-time passion to become her full-time career.

In her free time, Katie is active in her community, loves sports (go UK!), volunteering, and anything outdoors.