PunchCode Elevates Surrounding Communities with Tech Education

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Las Vegas-based PunchCode is an education provider funded by Tech Impact, a nonprofit whose mission it is to empower communities and other nonprofits to use technology to better serve the world. For years, PunchCode has strived to provide accessible, high-quality education to underserved communities and help their students land technology jobs after graduation. 

Following periods of rapid growth and changing skill demands from hiring partners, PunchCode leadership noticed opportunities for curriculum enhancement and delivery methods. After reviewing their provider, PunchCode decided to pursue a new partner to provide a higher quality, more sophisticated learning management system.

How Tech Elevator Elevates Communities:

Closely aligned with Tech Elevator’s mission to elevate its surrounding communities, PunchCode was always heavily invested in providing high-quality training and career development to those seeking new job opportunities.

When it became clear PunchCode needed to efficiently scale its program to keep up with hiring partner demands for new technology skills, they sought out Tech Elevator’s learning management system, BootcampOS.

“We needed a program that taught the in-demand skills our hiring partners were looking for and Tech Elevator taught those in-demand skills,” said Program Manager Tasean Young. “The addition of BootcampOS into our program was key. It offers more functionality than our previous partner and gives us visibility into student progress and performance, giving us the opportunity to step in before anyone starts to fall behind.”

Tech Elevator’s Bootcamp Differentiator:

BootcampOS is Tech Elevator’s proprietary learning management system that organizations can license to lead their own reskilling programs. The solution includes reading materials, tutorials, quizzes, lectures and exercises to lead instruction and is designed to support an organization’s internal instructors and mentors with the foundation to coach students successfully.

For PunchCode, a major draw of working with Tech Elevator was its support level and ease of communication.

“At the beginning of the partnership, there were a lot of questions going back and forth but the Tech Elevator team’s communication was exceptional. With tech Elevator we always have someone to bounce ideas off of and they truly serve as an extension of our own team,” says Young.


In the Spring of 2022, PunchCode graduated its first cohort of students with BootcampOS. With a 100% graduation rate, the future of PunchCode’s reskilling program is bright. 

“The students have been great and they have wonderful feedback after taking the training. But what’s most important is landing our students jobs after graduation and we’re thrilled to hear when our grads land new roles,” said Young. “The impact reskilling has on our students is immense. One student for example went from making $45,000 annually to making six-figures after completing the program. We couldn’t be more proud.”

To date, Tech Elevator has placed thousands of individuals into new coding roles, within some of the country’s most recognizable brands including Accenture, The Home Depot and Progressive Insurance. The curriculum and real-world exposure to coding concepts has led Tech Elevator to be a trusted reskilling and talent provider for hundreds of organizations.  

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