Frank Fella 

 Instructor, Cleveland



Prior to Tech Elevator I was...

Independent training contractor teaching new-hire boot camps for several Fortune 500 companies.

The students at Tech Elevator...

are dedicated, highly motivated and passionate about learning and increasing their knowledge.

The best part of my day is...

when I see the "light bulb come on" when assisting a student with a topic that has them stymied.

Frank entered the programming world right out of high school with his decision to pursue technical school in Hartford, CT. After several years as a programmer for various large insurance companies, he took on an instructing role at Aetna, seeking to quench his thirst for knowledge in computer technology. The first class he taught was a six week programmer bootcamp that taught new hires with Computer Science degrees how to program in the real world.  Since then he has designed, created, and taught bootcamps in the Mainframe COBOL, C, C++, Java and C#/.NET subject areas, as well as conducted 1-5 days sessions as an independent training consultant.

After 38 years of being his own boss, Frank was so impressed by the dedication of Tech Elevator staff to the success of their students that he gave up his independence to join the team. Frank's longevity as a successful trainer and diverse technical experience bring a unique combination of skills to Tech Elevator.