Tuition & Financing

14 Week Coding Bootcamp  |  $15,500

Invest In Your Future

We are proud of the quality of the program that we have created and the successful outcomes we have had, including increased income, that make this investment one with a high return. 

We know this program is an investment in your future and not a decision to take lightly. We recommend the following options based on your needs and qualifications.


Financing Options


We partner with  Skills Fund to provide simple and affordable loans for our bootcamp students. Loan options can include cost of living expenses, and allow you to defer payments until your bootcamp is completed so you can be fully dedicated to learning and gaining career skills while in the program.

If you're interested, click here for more details.

HFLA of Northeast Ohio and HFLA Pittsburgh provide interest-free loans for educational assistance. To qualify for a loan, one must have the ability to make monthly payments on the loan, and have a cosigner.

If interested, reach out to the HFLA NEO at 216-378-9042 or or HFLA PGH at 412-422-8868 or


Workforce Funding Opportunities

In partnership with local workforce development boards, Tech Elevator is an Eligible Training Provider in the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania underneath the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act, which authorizes & funds employment & training programs in the United States.

Based on your qualification criteria and Tech Elevator acceptance, you may be eligible for WIOA financial assistance. To apply, contact your local job center:


Cleveland/Cuyahoga County:


1910 Carnegie Ave

Cleveland, OH 44115

(216) 777-8200


Cincinnati/Hamilton County:


1916 Central Parkway

Cincinnati, OH 45214

(513) 946-7200



Columbus/Franklin County:


1111 E. Broad St. Suite 201

Columbus, OH 43205

(614) 559-5052

Pittsburgh/Allegheny County:

PA CareerLink 

304 Wood St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

(412) 552-7100


If you do not live in one of these counties, contact the nearest Ohio or Pennsylvania job center to inquire about available funds.

For additional information visit:


OhioMeansJobs Local Workforce System

Pennsylvania CareerLink FAQ

PA CareerLink Local Workforce System

Veterans and the GI Bill

If you're a veteran, you could qualify for GI Bill benefits to help pay for tuition. Tech Elevator is an approved training provider at our Cleveland and Columbus campus. Our Cincinnati and Pittsburgh campuses will be eligible after two years in business.

What's the process for applying for GI Bill benefits? 

  1. The first step is to apply to Tech Elevator as normal. 

  2. After applying to Tech Elevator, fill out the VA’s Online EDUCATION BENEFITS APPLICATION

  3. Once you have completed the appropriate online VA application, email your Admissions Coordinator to let them know. Once you have been approved for education benefits for Tech Elevator, email your Admissions Coordinator a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) you receive in the mail from the VA.