When should I apply for a loan and how long will it take to be approved?

While it is recommended you research potential financing options after you apply to Tech Elevator, students should not apply for a loan until they have been accepted and enrolled in a Tech Elevator cohort.

Our two most popular loan providers are Sallie Mae and Ascent. Applications for loans from Sallie Mae and Ascent can be completed and approved within 30 minutes if you do not use a cosigner. If you apply for a loan with a cosigner, it may extend the approval process by a few weeks. Please touch base with the loan provider on estimated times for approval with a cosigner as it may vary.

The application for Sallie Mae opens 300 days prior to the start of the cohort, while the application for Ascent opens 90 days before the cohort starts. Please do not apply until you have been accepted into the program.