What benefits does the ISA program offer for students?

The ISA provides a different way to pay for Tech Elevator’s full-time Java Web Application Development Bootcamp. As part of the program, if participants make more, they pay more, and if participants make less, they pay less. If participants don’t get a job after the program, they don’t pay anything at all.

ISA payments will not begin until after employment is secured, and only if total income is at least $40,000.00 per year. The percentage of the income participants pay stays the same, but monthly payments may go up or down depending on salary. If graduates earn a high income, a total payment cap will limit how much they are required to pay. No participant will ever pay more than 1.5x the cost of tuition.

(The ISA tuition plan is currently only available for Tech Elevator’s Full-Time Program. ISA plans are not available for residents of: Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, South Carolina, Washington D.C. or Washington.

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