How does your ISA stack up to others in the market?

Our ISA terms speak to our commitment to quality and the transparency of our industry-leading outcomes. Check out our ISA comparison table to see how our terms stack up to other bootcamps.

When researching ISA options, consider asking the following:

  • What percentage of my salary will I pay?
    Ours is set at 10% pre-tax.

  • How long do I have to make payments?

There is a total payment period of 72 months. These 72 months include the 48 months of payment. For example, if you are unemployed at any point during this 72 months, you can pause making payments. (Your payments will pause until your earnings are back above the minimum income threshold.) If you make 48 monthly payments or reach the payment cap, your ISA obligation is fulfilled. So if you pay more each month at a higher salary, you will reach this cap faster and be done repaying the ISA earlier than you would with a lower salary.

  • Is tuition the same for someone paying cash vs. using an ISA?
    Our tuition price is the same for students regardless of financing.