How does a student gain approval for VET TEC?

  1. Access the application portion of the VET TEC website.
  2. Create an account at,, DS Logon, or My HealtheVet and login
  3. Prepare the following material to fill out the application:
    • Direct deposit information
    • Highest level of education
    • Previous high-tech industry experience, if applicable
    • Information about the training provider or program you want to attend (optional)
  4. Complete this VET TEC application and receive a confirmation message that your application is complete
  5. Fill out VA Form 22-1990, as prompted, if the student has not already applied for VA Education Benefits
  6. VA will review and approve within 30 days
  7. A COE (Certificate of Eligibility) or Denial letter will be disbursed via USPS