Increasing Diversity in Tech Teams with Tangible DEI Solutions

In recent years, the tech industry has come under scrutiny for its lack of diversity and inclusion. Increasing Diversity in Tech Teams with Tangible DEI SolutionsA 2021 Google diversity report stated their percentages of hiring by race/ethnicity were 8.8 percent Black, 8.8 percent Latinx, 0.7 percent Native American and only 33 percent were women.

Even more alarming is mthree’s diversity in tech report, which stated 68 percent of business leaders feel there is a lack of diversity in their tech workforce and 51 percent struggle to recruit diverse entry-level talent.

Companies recognize they must do better when attracting, retaining and promoting diverse talent. Companies are estimated to spend $8 billion a year collectively on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training. Yet, Google’s diversity report highlighted progress is still much too slow.

In part with our mission to elevate people, companies and communities, Tech Elevator developed a diversity schoalrship, Represent Tech, to bring tech education and jobs to underrepresented groups.

What is Represent Tech?

Represent Tech is a program that seeks to increase diversity and inclusion in the tech industry by providing training and support to underrepresented individuals. The program provides scholarships to attend Tech Elevator’s coding bootcamp. By providing financial support to those who may not have had access to traditional tech education, Represent Tech is working to break down barriers to entering the industry.

How Represent Tech Drives Impact

Professional Development

Represent Tech is about more than just getting more people from diverse backgrounds into the tech industry. The program also seeks to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for these individuals. Tech Elevator provides mentorship, networking opportunities and ongoing career support to help program graduates succeed in their tech careers and become future leaders in the industry.

Increased Earnings

Represent Tech provides meaningful access to foundational skills necessary to build a career in technology while increasing an individual’s earning potential. Individuals awarded the scholarship can increase their lifetime earnings by $1.6 million.

New Opportunities

Represent Tech was developed to give underrepresented groups access to education and new career opportunities. While we’ve driven impact, the tech industry has a long way to go. Women make up only 24% of the tech workforce, and Black and Latinx individuals represent only 14% of the industry.

There are many advantages for organizations with greater diversity in their workforce. These advantages include better opportunities for creativity and problem-solving, smarter decision-making, productivity increases, reduced employee turnover and improved reputation for the business.

Increasing Diversity in Tech Teams with Tangible DEI Solutions

Our Impact So Far

In less than three years, Represent Tech has influenced the trajectory of more than 120 lives through over $1.4 million awarded. Individuals who were once mechanics, help desk associates and even unemployed now work as software developers, data analysts, technology consultants and more.

Following graduation, students average a salary increase of over $24,000 with an average starting salary of $66,700. They also find themselves on track to earn $1.6 million more in their lifetimes.

To date, 74 percent of our Represent Tech scholars came from underrepresented genders (women, nonbinary, transgender) and 55 percent were Black or Hispanic.

Companies Partnering with Represent Tech

Increasing Diversity in Tech Teams with Tangible DEI Solutions

Represent Tech partners are a vital part of our equitable mission, and we owe much of our success to the passion and dedication they bring. Our partners have contributed nearly $600,000 in additional scholarships and provide opportunities and access to people who would otherwise be walking a drastically different career path.

We’ve partnered with Agility Partners, FORM, PNC, Vanguard and Blacks in Technology Foundation to create a more inclusive, diverse workforce.

Companies like PNC look to Tech Elevator to meet their needs for high-impact diverse talent.

“We’ve hired nearly 300 Tech Elevator graduates to date and are looking forward to continuing the drive to diversify the tech industry. This scholarship represents the next phase of our collaboration, and we’re excited to see the real impact this opportunity will have on the lives of countless individuals going forward.”

Deborah Guild, Head of Enterprise Technology and Security, PNC Financial Services Group

Activate Tomorrow’s Diverse Technology Leaders 

By providing resources and support to underrepresented individuals, Tech Elevator’s Represent Tech program is helping to create a more equitable and inclusive tech industry. Companies in tech and other sectors must recognize the impact of diversity and inclusion and take active steps to address these issues.

Learn more about programs like Represent Tech here and do your part to support initiatives promoting more diversity and inclusion.

Contact our team to explore how we can make technology inclusively diverse.

Elizabeth Brake - Increasing Diversity in Tech Teams with Tangible DEI Solutions Written by Elizabeth Brake, Tech Elevator’s Director of Revenue Operations & Strategy