Dan Vega 

Product Developer



Prior to Tech Elevator I was...

working from home for a large Insurance company as a Senior Developer.

The students at Tech Elevator...

are the reason I came to Tech Elevator. I look forward to the opportunity to help shape the next wave of great developers!

The best part of my day is...

knowing that I am part of a team that is here to make a real difference in our community.

Dan Vega is a self-taught programmer with nearly 20 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has worked with a variety of languages, frameworks, and tools. Dan has used his knowledge, passion, and influence to help developers of all skill levels to achieve their goals. He teaches on his Blog, YouTube channel, and has over 50,000 students in his online courses.

His journey to becoming a computer programmer did not follow a traditional path. After high school, he was working as a landscaper and one day decided it wasn't the life for him. He enrolled at a local college for a programming certification in Applied Computer Sciences. Once he completed his certification, he did some freelancing to hone his skills, and soon after landed his first programming job at a startup in San Francisco.

While living in California, he hired a teaching assistant from UC Berkeley to tutor him in computer programming and spent most of his nights far from home immersing himself in Java programming books to advance his skills. After two years in San Francisco, he accepted a new position in Cleveland and jumped at the opportunity to move back home.

Dan believes that having a passion for learning is the secret to his success. He has continued to advance to different positions and companies over the years which has brought him to Tech Elevator, 20 years later, where he still loves to code every single day.