What can you do in 30 weeks? You can...

...or you can become a software engineer!

You're just 30 weeks from your dream job. On your own terms. 

Make Major Earnings

Those who complete the coding bootcamp increase their salaries by over 66% and earn up to $1.6 million more in their lifetimes.

Land a Job in Your Field

We're proud to have placed over 88% of our graduates into new technology roles after graduation. We have over 800+ hiring partners who rely on our graduates for fresh talent.

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Ready to learn more about our part-time programs? Attend an upcoming open house and talk in real-time with our admissions team. We'll discuss details of the program including dates, the enrollment process, financing, course content and how we support you land a job after graduation. 

A Day In Your Coding Bootcamp Life

A bootcamp day is full and fast-paced. Activities change up frequently, blending coding and career. Explore the typical schedule (EST) of a part-time student below.

Monday - Friday:

During the week, engage in independent self-study to complete two units in the Learning Management System. Academic support is available 8am - 8pm (EST) 7 days a week! 


8 - 9am (EST) - Office Hours

9 - 11am (EST) - Lecture & Review with your instructor 

11 - 12pm (EST) - Office Hours 

1 - 3pm (EST) - Paired programming with your peers


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