Anthony Hughes

Co-Founder & CEO


Prior to Tech Elevator, I was...

president of The Software Guild.

The students at Tech Elevator...

amaze me everyday.

The best part of my day is...

helping people fulfill their potential.



Anthony is passionate about helping individuals change their lives fulfill their true career potential. 

He is currently the CEO of Tech Elevator, a demand-driven in-person educational platform designed to support the rapid acquisition of technology skills that can lead to meaningful careers and promotions in tech-related fields.

Anthony previously served as President of the Software Craftsmanship Guild, an Ohio-based coding bootcamp. The Guild was acquired by Learning House in April 2015. 

Anthony previously worked for JumpStart a nationally recognized economic development organization focused on startups. At JumpStart, in partnership with MIT, Anthony founded the Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, which matched serially successful entrepreneurs and executives with budding technology entrepreneurs in mentoring relationships. 

Anthony's experience also spans traditional and digital media, working in sports sponsorship, broadcast television and at marketing agencies primarily in the area of sales and business development. He also brings International experience to the table having traveled to over 40 countries; and lived, worked and studied in Australia, Japan, the UK and USA.