Andrew McGuier 

 Instructor, Pittsburgh

Andrew McGuier headshot aviary.png


Prior to Tech Elevator I was...

running a software consultancy.

The students at Tech Elevator...

are inspiring! They're taking a giant leap into a new world.

The best part of my day is...

seeing the "aha" look come across a student's face when they master a new idea.

Growing up on his family's farm with exposure to the construction business, Andrew developed an early interest in building things. Naturally, this fascination led him to pursue a BS in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in his home city of Pittsburgh. After a few years working at a large .NET applications company, Andrew was an early member at a startup, where he developed a keen interest in mentoring and growing junior developers, an experience he carries through to Tech Elevator. After six years as a backend developer, architect, and team manager, Andrew started his own software consulting company where he worked with .NET C#/F#, Scala, Javascript, Python, and many other technologies. 

Beyond the office, Andrew has been dedicated to growing and working with junior developers and scientists. When he's not sharing his expertise at local meetups and conferences, Andrew serves as a mentor and Team Project Leader for the Pennsylvania Governor's School of the Sciences and has volunteered as a mentor with the F# Software Foundation. Through his array of experiences, he's found the best kept secret to junior developer mentorship: you'll often learn as much from them as they learn from you!