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Hilary applied to TE after receiving a B.A. in Mathematics from Otterbein, a J.D. from University of Cincinnati, a Master’s of Education from Ohio State and teaching high school math for nine years. Hilary was looking for a change because she didn't feel there was a clear path for growth and progression in teaching and she desired more career opportunities that could come based on her achievements vs. time and bureaucracy.  After considering her acceptance to Ohio State’s Computer Science program, Hilary chose Tech Elevator so that she could have a faster track combined with a proven, quality program that had already demonstrated strong results in Cleveland.

Before graduating from Tech Elevator, Hilary already had an offer from JPMorgan Chase, where she now works in Consumer and Community Banking. “It's exciting to work for such a large and well-established company with so many learning and career opportunities. I am so thankful to Tech Elevator for their expertise and assistance getting my foot in the door.”

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Throughout his career, Dan found himself working with technology, but with hardware or infrastructure. After trying to teach himself how to build technology he was passionate about, he decided to enroll full-time in Tech Elevator to escalate the process.  

Dan was familiar with software and picked up programming concepts relatively quickly. What he struggled with was using his soft skills, and in particular, his interviewing skills. He never felt great about the interview process and he started to let that affect him negatively. To hone in the real issues behind his lack of interview success, Dan worked with Pathway Program Director Tiffany, who helped him realize he was in his head and had the tools to succeed in an interview.

After rounds of interview prep and practice, Dan felt confident going into the Employer Matchmaking event. He ended up meeting his perfect match: automotive software leader OEConnection. With the confidence he built in the program, and his new coding skills, he was offered a job before graduation and is now working as an Associate Software Engineer which tripled his previous salary.  

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Dave began working at FormFire as a Data Delivery Analyst where he reported generation, tested forms process and worked with SQL. While in his role, he built a web app using the R programming language which helped the company extract data more efficiently. Immediately realizing how powerful this small coding knowledge could be, the management team decided to invest in furthering Dave’s skills and allowed him to enroll in the .NET coding bootcamp at Tech Elevator. 

Dave’s situation was obviously unique since he wasn’t searching for a job at the end of the bootcamp. He was happy at FormFire and just needed to focus on upskilling for his future, and the future of the company. He was able to pick up coding fairly quickly and thought his instructor Josh did a great job talking in terms he understood. “If I had a question, he knew how to answer it,” Dave said. 

With his new coding language, Dave is now back with the FormFire team with a new title and new role that will directly impact company processes and efficiencies in a positive way. 

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After spending years in the Air Force serving our country, Kenny got a job doing outside sales. He was good at sales and was making a good living, but he wanted more stability in his career and started thinking about a career in technology. After hearing about Tech Elevator, Kenny attended an Open House which answered his lingering questions about the bootcamp model working for him.

Soon after, Kenny enrolled in our Java spring ‘16 bootcamp with very little technical knowledge, but a lot of determination to learn to code. During the bootcamp, he credits regular meetings with his instructor David for helping him understand tough concepts. He showed up early, stayed late and put in the work to graduate with a job offer from leading healthcare software company Hyland Software.

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Kaity started her career in advertising working for media powerhouses in Chicago. As the digital age started to grow, she found herself working with developers and technology even more sparking her interest in what they were building.

“I wasn’t necessarily unhappy in my current role, but I knew I wasn’t fulfilling my potential and that I was capable of tapping into this skillset.” 

After graduating, Kaity was able to return to the field she loved after accepting a role with Brandmuscle, a software and marketing company. But this time she was hired in a software developer role.  

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Soon after graduating Ohio University with a degree in accounting, Brendan had a hard realization: he didn’t want to be an accountant. Say what?! But he had always been interested in numbers and programming, and then started teaching himself HTML basics on Codeacademy and Stack Overflow. While it was great to start there, he didn’t want to prolong his future career any longer and decided to enroll in the .NET bootcamp at Tech Elevator.

"I got a job with a company that I'm really excited about because Tech Elevator brought them in."

 14 weeks later Brendan graduated with multiple offers to work full time as a junior developer and accepted a role as a Software Development Apprentice at healthcare tech company CoverMyMeds. His accounting background and willingness to learn and practice helped him excel in the program as he continued to build on the base he started from self-teaching.

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After 14 years, Danny got comfortable with his stable job at retail giant Target, growing in the ranks to become a team trainer and notable employee. But when he started to truly assess his career path and where he wanted to be after another 14 years, he decided retail wasn't enough. 


Danny excelled in the bootcamp, working collaboratively with other students and furthering his code knowledge. As graduation got close, he interviewed with Progressive Insurance, one of the largest providers of car insurance, landing him a job as an Applications Programmer where he works with code every single day. 

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Elizabeth’s passion for music translated well into the world of coding, where she always had interest but never knew how to break in. Once she decided to make the switch from retail to programming, she started to explore online learning, but ultimately wanted support and help along the way which she got with the bootcamp model.

Her bootcamp experience was a welcomed challenge from day one. Elizabeth committed herself to learning the skills that she would apply to her future career. She worked diligently to ensure she understood concepts along the way.

After graduating and starting the path to the best career fit, she happily accepted a role as a Software Engineer for the world’s largest greeting card company American Greetings.  

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