Intro to iOS Programming with Swift

Learn Swift from leading iOS developer Daniel Steinberg

What is it

A four day introductory course to iOS Programming with Swift. Learn how to write apps for the iPhone and iPad using Apple's newest programming language. 

Who's it for

Experienced developers who are new to Swift and modern iOS app development.

When is it

May 9-12 or August 22-25

What you'll learn

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of iOS 9 app development using Swift.

The first day of the class will get you up to speed with the Swift Programming language. We spend the day in playgrounds, exploring the ins and outs of programming with Swift.

On day two we start building iOS applications. You'll learn how to create a UI and connect it to code using the latest techniques introduced for iOS 9.

The third and fourth days introduce applications with multiple scenes. You will learn a variety of methods of presenting and dismissing scenes while communicating information between the view controllers. We'll also look at table views, navigation controllers, and tab bar controllers. We'll take a quick look at Core Data and web services and finish up with a quick look at Watch Kit.

How much does it cost

$2k. Lunch, coffee and snacks are included. 

*Please note: Tech Elevator's Swift iOS Bootcamp is a course for experienced developers looking to increase their skills. Unlike our .14 week .NET and Java Bootcamps designed for novices entering the filed, it is not eligible for the Tech Elevator money back guarantee.

Who's Daniel

Find out more about Daniel here.