Tuition & Financing

14 Week Coding Bootcamp  |  $12k



If you need a place to stay during your time in our bootcamp, we provide short-term leases for fully furnished apartments. Click here for more details.

Investing In Your Future

We are proud of the quality of the program that we have created and the successful outcomes we have had, including increased income, that make this investment one with a high return. 

We know this program is an investment in your future and not a decision to take lightly. We recommend the following options based on your needs and qualifications.

Financing Options

We partner with the Skills Fund to provide simple and affordable loans for our bootcamp students. Loan options can include cost of living expenses, and allow you to defer payments until your bootcamp is completed so you can be fully dedicated to learning and gaining career skills while in the program.

In order to qualify for Skills Fund, you must be enrolled in Tech Elevator. Loan terms include 36 and 60 month options at a fixed interest rate.  If you are interested in financing options, click here for more details on the Skills Fund loans.

Financial Assistance

Based on qualification criteria and Tech Elevator accepted enrollment, you may also be eligible for financial assistance through the following programs. Financial assistance can be used in conjunction with Skills Fund.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

For displaced workers or veterans, you may be eligible for funds through WIOA. 

CCEAP: Cuyahoga County Education Assistance Program

For residents of Cuyahoga County, Tech Elevator is an approved workforce training provider enabling eligible residents to receive a grant of up to $5,000 towards tuition.